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Title: Union of the white lotus
Post by: Silver on June 18, 2016, 12:29:20 am
The world shall crack open to reveal the light and the dawn shall awaken and invoke the spirit of dead gods.
For this fate to be true however the vermin of this world must be cleansed.
Those who seek immortality and power through the vile demons of this world deserve not to see the light.
Vampires, werewolves and necromancers need to share the same fate!
So join the Union of the white lotus and help us rid of these vermin!

*To get straight to the point*
Hello there, I am Silveraffinity. I have played on the server for over 190 hour. I want to make things more interesting by creating a hunters guild on the server. Several missions shall be given out, such as finding and killing werewolves, protecting villages from potential vampire attacks by placing garlic garland, along with hunting down vampire and/or werewolf players.

A rule to keep in mind however is that you can't just attack anyone (whether it be vampire or werewolf) without making sure they are open to the idea of hunters, usually this means challenging them to a duel. This rule is in place to prevent people from bullying players who do not want to be part of the whole thing and just want to mess around with witchery.

Not to many players are on, or at least frequently, and thus so far the only person we can currently "hunt" is Baaleos the big bad vampire himself. But of course if he is willing to accept the challenge.

Keep in mind however with means that our "prey" might attack back, using curses, or plain old attacks. So be ready to "hunt" as well as defend.

On a side note this isn't a anti-witchery guild, it more specifically a anti-vampire, werewolf and necromancers guild. Thus if you wish to join and still use witchery you may.

To make this more interesting I have made a quasi role playing ranking system. Each rank gains their own bonuses and items.

The ranks are as follows:

Lotus Witch Hunter:
You are an official Union of the white lotus member. Your job as witch hunter is to find coven witches around the world and either kill them or trap them using either a safari net or magic lasso. This is to prevent other witch players from rising to power and to insure that if a witch within the guild wants to gain power they don't have to travel like mad.
You will most commonly rewarded (for every 10 witches captured) in a choice between iron [16], gold [8], mana-steel [4], or diamonds [2].
Note: sadly due to the lack of provability killing coven witches will not reap benefits.
The items you get in this rank are:
You get your own crossbow and bolts + your very own null catalyst.

To proceed you must bring me 24 witch hands (there is a specific reason, being that one needs 64 leather to make a full set of witch hunter armor and since hands can me made into rotten flesh and rotten flesh into leather, one can make it into a full set of armor.)

Senior Witch Hunter:
As a Senior Witch hunter you have proven your dedication to the cause with time spent hunting witches (or by grinding them, but that's just unsporting). You will now be given the job of protecting villages form vampires and werewolves, you will be assigned to a specific village and your job is to place on every door a garlic garland, you may either grow the string and garlic in your base or use the village's farm areas. You must also place at least 5 hidden wolf traps across the village, and you may name the village if you wish.
You will be most commonly awarded (for every 1 village) with a choice between: Iron [32], Silver bullets [16], Dragon's breath bullets [16], Draconium [12], diamond [6].
The items you get in this rank are:
You get the dawn hunter armor (dyed white) + An angel's feather (a special silver sword made for werewolf hunting) + Vampire's Bane (Revolver, with Dragon's breath bullets)

To proceed you must kill the horned huntsman and gain his spear. (you get to keep it as a means of killing vampires)

Hunter of Lords:
You have started your journey on becoming an angel. As a Hunter of Lords you will have to find villages and assign them to Senior Witch Hunters. You will be given the choice between: Iron [32], Silver bullets [16], Dragon's breath bullets [16], Draconium [12], diamond [6], soul-bound book.

To proceed you must kill: Baba Yaga (and get her hat), A demon ( and get their heart), Lilith (and get a goblet of her blood, however don't drink it), Guardian of gaia (and gain spirits, you may ask me for assistance).

You have hunted evil lords and now you have assented into the light.
You get a house/base in Lathos (A mystcraft age I have made) + Fugel tiara :1 (angel wings) + Mana tablet

To proceed  You must challenge Baaleos to a duel and win, and then challenge me to a fight and win.

Arc Angel:
You get to know a secret + you get a wish (anything I can get you) + you get to be in-charge of the Union of the white lotus.

Currently we have the following members:
SilverAffinity the Arc Angel

Thanks for reading leave any questions below, I will try to check on them every now and then.