Author Topic: Server Rules - When to grief and when to grant relief  (Read 1323 times)


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Server Rules - When to grief and when to grant relief
« on: June 15, 2016, 09:58:30 am »
The main principles I want people to keep in mind is that fun is to be had by all on the server.
This means that anything you do, must not affect the enjoyment of other users of the server.

That being said : Light pvp and competitive attitude via mods such as Witchery is acceptable - within reason.

1. No Property Damage.
   Do not cast spells on players that trigger AOE detonations - as this can damage or destroy a players home.
   If you know they are out of their home - go right ahead.

2. PVP vs being an ass-hole
   PVP would involve dueling, or a general understanding that a player you are fighting, has the expectation of having to fight back. If you are a werewolf or vampire, flying or running through the world to find a player, just to kill them, then doing the same thing over again and again etc - is unacceptable. Throw in some roleplay talk, communicate with your opponent - ensure that they know you want to do some PVP, then proceed only if they are up for it.
   If you want to test a spell - let them know up front. They might want to volunteer, or even charge money for their services.

3. Theft is forbidden
   If you find an unclaimed chunk - fair play - raid it.
   If the chunk is claimed, do not damage it, do not attempt to steal from it.

4.Server feature areas
  Some areas like the spawn, or the Goddess Mountain, provide free services to users - do not attempt to destroy these areas.

5. Lag or Crashes
  The server is generally stable and lag free.
  If however you create a contraption with pipes or AE2 that causes lag or crashing, we will examine logs, find the x,y,z of the offending contraption, and just delete the entire chunk. (16x16 area)
  Its in your best interest to avoid causing lag or crashes.